Ideas and technologies for better risk management

As a consulting partner and software producer for companies, banks and insurance companies, we combine the development of ideas and strategies for managing the company's risks with the implementation of productive solutions.

In cooperation with us, you cover the entire value chain of risk management.

  • the formulation of the risk strategy,
  • the design of the risk management process in the context of the company,
  • the involvement of all persons concerned in the company,
  • the implementation of trainings and workshops,
  • the development of aggregation models,
  • finding hotspots and setting priorities when risk management resources are scarce,
  • the availability of a technical platform for risk management.

We combine business administration with quantitative methods and information technology.

Make use of the long-standing experience and competency of a company that specialises in methodological and technological questions of risk management.



Enterprise Risk Evaluator

The Enterprise Risk Evaluator (ERE) is an intuitively designed, thoroughly quantitative Enterprise Risk Management System for the fulfilment of legal requirements and the business risk management of the company.

ERE enables a company to generate a comprehensive and consistent understanding of all risks and find those risks that threaten its strategic objectives.

ERE provides accurate yet easy-to-understand functionality for assessing all risks and understanding and managing all types of risks in one platform: operational, cyber security, health and safety, reputational, investment and financial risks. ERE is compatible with specialised systems, e.g. for market, commodity price or credit risks, to ensure a truly holistic risk aggregation across the enterprise.

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Market Risk Evaluator

The new version of the Market Risk Evaluator identifies the contribution of market factors to portfolio risk.

Market factor backtesting can thus be prioritised on the factors to which the bank portfolio is most sensitive. The backtesting can be automated per factor for several time horizons at the same time.

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Risk Kit Suite

A new version of the Risk Kit Suite is now available for download.


Risk Kit Data integrates the API Marketstack. This provides you with up-to-date price information and histories for thousands of stocks.

Modified PERT-Distribution

The Modified PERT distribution is also available in Risk Kit. It allows the certainty of the estimation of the parameters of the PERT distribution to be specified.