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We advise banks, insurance companies and industrial corporations in the development and integration of modern methods to measure and manage risks and returns.

This begins with the creation of suitable risk management and control systems and comprises the value chain of risk management:

  • from the risk strategy to a fully functional risk management process,
  • from the mathematical model to a high performance simulation,
  • from the rating methodology over portfolio management to marketing control,
  • from the credit over the credit derivative to complex options,
  • from the architecture to the operative system,
  • from the scientific innovation to production.
  • We link economics, mathematics and information technology.

Make use of the long-standing experience and competency of a consulting firm that specialises in methodological and technological questions of risk management.

Risk Kit 6 released

A new Version of Risk Kit is now available for download.


Risk Kit 6 offers several improvements regarding user-friendliness. Selection and handling of functions was simplified and is supported by new features. It is now easier than before to navigate through complex models due to new developments.


Layouts of graphs, display of statistics as well as the order of charts can now be planned and shaped by the user him/herself.


Additional examples as well as the display of estimated distribution parameters facilitate the understanding of the methods applied in Risk Kit. 

Further information on the new features of Risk Kit 6 can be found here.

Our products

Risk Kit Suite

Rapid Prototyping of risk analyses and Monte-Carlo simulations

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Credit Risk Evaluator

high performance risk and return analyses of the credit risk of bank portfolios

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