Enterprise-wide risk management in language and numbers

The Enterprise Risk Evaluator (ERE) is a platform for the complete recording, evaluation, analysis and control of corporate risks. 

With ERE you manage the enterprise transparently and fulfil the legal requirements of PS 340, StaRUG, KontraG and AktG.

You can involve management groups, stakeholders and experts of the company with their roles in the risk management process, so that each group can perform the tasks and receive the information they need.




In layouted reports, you report the relevant results for the discussed issue at each company level.

In a central report archive, you can link all analyses to their data basis and access them in the long term. Members of the supervisory board and the company management thus find a completely transparent argumentation.



Risks are assessed holistically. In any case, financially and quantitatively. If necessary, additionally with their impact on reputation, safety and health, environment, strategy and other definable dimensions. 

For the assessment of risks, the risk experts are guided by guiding questions, checklists and template risks and can thus contribute their professional experience just as confidently as comparative data and rough calculations. Any persistently reassessed risks are thus made accessible for evaluation so that they can be included in the risk aggregation.


Risk-bearing capacity

For individual companies and the group, you check the risk-bearing capacity according to liquidity and over-indebtedness at any number of levels. You know your free capital, the impact on your rating and the early warning period in which you can still act.

Optionally, you can let the risks have an effect on the profit and loss account and see how balance sheet ratios are risk-adjusted.



The system frees you from risk accounting and supports task completion in the workflows.

Your team and you gain resources and time to evaluate risks and communicate analysis results and translate them into action, using language and intuitive graphics that everyone can understand.



The Enterprise Risk Evaluator gives your risk management a modern basis. 

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