The Enterprise Risk Evaluator – easy managing of operational risks

With the Enterprise Risk Evaluator we developed a product which allows you to administer risks faced by your company and enables you to conduct statistical analysis of these risks. The statistical models supported by the ERE make it possible to simulate risks defined by the user and predict future losses.

Due to its web-based interface it is possible to adapt the ERE to the tasks of different users. In addition, all users can work at the same time and from different locations with the ERE.

Our current version of the ERE offers the following features:

  • The web-based application can be used decentralised by several users at the same time, independent of their location.
  • The ERE can be adapted to the individual structure of your company.
  • Risks can be categorised, so that clustering of risks can be identified quickly.
  • In order to properly represent risks, we offer a detailed entry mask which allows the precise determination of the distribution.
  • Different portfolios can be simulated individually.
  • The simulation of one single risk can be triggered as well.
  • The user is familiarised step by step with the parameterisation of the statistical model.
  • The results of the simulations are presented in depth in table from as well as using graphs.
  • The ERE offers the possibility to conduct What-If Analysis using Excel. This avoids the entry of a large range of ‘trial and error’ scenarios in the main ERE component.
  • We not only offer you the product but the adaption of the ERE to your specific requirements.
  • Our team is at your disposal regarding technical and functional questions.

Further information can be found in our product flyer.