Risk Kit Data

Risk Kit Data is an add-in for Microsoft Excel that allows to accumulate social statistics and financial data from different data sources in worksheets.

The main features of the add-in:

  • Allows to access different sources such as the European Central Bank ECB, Eurostat, the Federal Reserve Economic Data FRED, the World Bank and Yahoo Finance;
  • Provides a user-friendly interface to browse statistics, perform searches, view charts and import data in worksheets;
  • Implements various cell-functions allowing to integrate data with your Excel models;
  • Can be used in combination with Risk Kit in Monte-Carlo simulations and with Risk Kit R in statistical analyses;
  • Allows to access data sources from VBA code;
  • Supports all versions of Excel starting from 2003. Full support for 64-bit versions.


Browse historical statistics and financial data through a user-friendly interface.

Use the Finance Task Pane to get recent and historical stock prices, perform the search and filter the results, browse recent and historical exchange rates from different data sources, view price movement charts and more.

The Data Task Pane allows to browse historical statistics from different data sources, filter data tables and data series, perform searches, import data into worksheets and more.


Use Risk Kit Data cell functions to get social statistics and financial data and retrieve it directly into worksheets. A variety of optional arguments permit to customize the output and to apply formatting to the results.

Using these functions, you can integrate data with your Excel and Risk Kit models.

Risk Kit Data provides a COM server that allows to access the data sources using VBA. This way you can create complex functions and macros to extend the functionality of Risk Kit Data.

You can also integrate Risk Kit Data in other environments than Excel and access the data from C#, Visual Basic, C++ and other .NET languages.

Get started now

Please login to download Risk Kit Data and other products.

Use the example workbooks to get started with Risk Kit Data. The integrated online help will guide you through the entire process of working with the tool.


Risk Kit Data uses the same license as Risk Kit does, so you do not need to purchase a license separately. To work with Risk Kit Data, you only need to install and activate Risk Kit. If you already have a licensed version of Risk Kit, just use it.


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