Risk Kit R

Risk Kit R is an add-in that opens Microsoft Excel for advanced statistical analyses.

R is a free software programming language and a software environment for statistical computing and graphics.

Risk Kit R allows to interact with R from within spreadsheets.

The main features of the add-in:

  • Allows to transfer data between R and Excel and evaluate R expressions from within Excel;
  • Supports numerous R data types;
  • Provides cell-functions allowing to automate calculations and to integrate R with your Excel models;
  • Can be used in combination with Risk Kit in Monte-Carlo simulations;
  • Integrates R in interactive mode;
  • Allows to access R from VBA code;
  • Supports all versions of Excel starting from 2003. Full support for 64-bit versions.


Risk Kit R is available as a new toolbar in Excel and allows to put matrices and data frames into R, evaluate R expressions, get the results back to Excel and even more. Use the example workbooks to get started with Risk Kit R. The integrated online help covers user interface, cell functions and COM server.

Risk Kit R provides a COM server that allows to interact with R from within Excel using VBA. This way you can create complex functions and macros to extend the functionality of Risk Kit R.

You can also integrate Risk Kit R in other environments than Excel and interact with R from C#, Visual Basic, C++ and other .NET languages.


Evaluate R expressions and get the results directly in Excel.

Risk Kit R provides cell functions that allow to put data stored in a worksheet to R, evaluate R expressions, define custom R functions and even more. Using these functions, you can integrate R with your Risk Kit and Excel models and take advantage of the statistical analyses with R functions. Use the whole power of R in Excel directly.

Risk Kit R can be used in combination with Risk Kit in Monte-Carlo simulations. This way you can perform statistical calculations with R during your simulations.


See the following video tutorials to learn more about Risk Kit R and to get a detailed introduction.

Refer to our YouTube channel for more videos.


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Risk Kit R uses the same license as Risk Kit does, so you do not need to purchase a license. To work with Risk Kit R, you only need to install and activate Risk Kit. If you already have a licensed version of Risk Kit, just use it.


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