Risk Kit Suite

The Risk Kit Suite brings the technology and methods of modern risk management to life at the risk managers desk in Microsoft Excel and in general test and production environments.

The components of the Risk Kit Suite:

  • Risk Kit offers easy-to-implement and rapid prototyping of Monte-Carlo simulations.
  • Risk Kit R opens Excel to statistical analyses with R.
  • Risk Kit Data creates an online data feed from the major public data providers into your models.

Risk Kit

Rapid Prototyping of risk analyses and Monte-Carlo simulations.

Modern risk management makes the step from a purely qualitative process orientation to a quantitative measurement of risks and their sources.

The Risk Kit simplifies this step. It provides the components of quantitative risk management and allows to link them in a simple and intuitive way to complete models and risk analyses.

By its simplicity, the Risk Kit enables many users for the first time to do quantitative risk analyses and Monte-Carlo simulations. It accelerates the developmental time many times over as compared to conventional approaches.

All Risk Kit functions can be integrated in spreadsheet analyses as Microsoft Excel cell functions. Moreover Risk Kit functions can be called from VBA or from programming languages such as .NET C#, Java, Visual Basic, C++ and others. This way the Risk Kit can be integrated in a production environment.

Refer to the 'Risk Kit' web page for more information.

Risk Kit R

Risk Kit R is an add-in that opens Microsoft Excel for advanced statistical analyses.

R is a free software programming language and a software environment for statistical computing and graphics. Risk Kit R allows to interact with R from within spreadsheets.

Refer to the ‘Risk Kit R’ web page for more information about the product.

Risk Kit Data

Risk Kit Data is an add-in for Microsoft Excel that allows to accumulate social statistics and financial data from different data sources in worksheets.

Refer to the ‘Risk Kit Data’ web page to get more information about the product.

How can I obtain and use Risk Kit?

Click here to download the guide.


Log into the website to download components of Risk Kit Suite.


The Risk Kit Suite can be licensed

  • As Risk Kit Light with a free 30-day-commercial-license for work within Excel. The license can be renewed online an arbitrary number of times making modern technology available in all contexts and for everyone.
  • As Risk Kit Professional for work within and without Excel in test and production environments.
  • As Risk Kit Enterprise for work within and without Excel in test and production environments from any computer within the company network.
  • With an academic license for schools and universities for work within and without Excel in test and production environments.


  Risk Kit
Risk Kit
Risk Kit
Max. simulation runs 5000 Unlimited* Unlimited*
Distributions 11 52 52
Multivariate Distributions 1 10 10
Processes 1 10 10
Sensitivities Linear All All
Result Statistics
Rating Methods  
Fixed Income Functions  
Risk Kit R  
Risk Kit Data  
Usage as calculation kernel without Excel  
Licenses can be easily moved between computers    

* The maximum number of simulation runs is technically limited to 2 147 483 647. However, the real maximum depends on the hardware capabilities and usually is limited by the available RAM and virtual memory.


A free license for Risk Kit Light can be obtained online at It is valid for 1 month and renewable without limitations. After installation of Risk Kit you can activate it from the Risk Kit toolbar in Excel under 'Config-Info-Activate Risk Kit'. You can also use this dialog to obtain new licenses.


Risk Kit Enterprise Risk Kit Professional
1 additional Concurrent User Sum Network License 1 additional Single User License Sum Single User Licenses
1 €1,750 €1,750 €950 €950
2 €1,490 €3,240 €925 €1,875
3 €1,270 €4,510 €900 €2,775
4 €1,080 €5,590 €875 €3,650
5 €920 €6,510 €850 €4,500
6 €780 €7,290 €825 €5,325
7 €660 €7,950 €800 €6,125
8 €560 €8,510 €775 €6,900
9 €480 €8,990 €750 €7,650
10 €410 €9,400 €725 €8,375


plus updates and technical support for 18% of the license fee per year.

Academic licenses are supplied free of charge for academic institutions.

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